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Waste oil suction units

Mobile suction units are suitable for draining oil from engines through the dip stick hole by pneumatic suction.

Inflating valve enables oil discharge from the tank with pneumatic air and safety valve ensures that the pressure never exceeds 0.5 bar.

The pressure gauge indicates the air pressure in the tank (only for ZAV90).

Vacuum is generated by a Venturi system and oil is drained from the engine through suction probes.A vacuum gauge mounted on the Venturi allows to check the suction power.

Suction units can be fitted with transparent viewer (ZAV) or not (ZA). Once depressurised units work autonomously without being connected to the airline carrying out several oil changes.

All models are fitted with fixed wheels on the front and castor wheels on the back. Steel flanged front wheels are always supplied with 90 litres models and as optional on the 65 litres. Suction units are supplied in carton boxes partially disassembled in order to take minimum space in shipment and stock.